exp. Shortened to 'G' (usually plural form also) or less commonly 'G's'. We've been waiting for a grip . Much more recently (thanks G Hudson) logically since the pound coin was introduced in the UK in the 1990s with the pound note's withdrawal, nugget seems to have appeared as a specific term for a pound coin, presumably because the pound coin is golden (actually more brassy than gold) and 'nuggety' in feel. From cockney rhyming slang, bread and honey = money, and which gave rise to the secondary rhyming slang 'poppy', from poppy red = bread. The silver threepence was effectively replaced with introduction of the brass-nickel threepenny bit in 1937, through to 1945, which was the last minting of the silver threepence coin. Crossword Clue The crossword clue Very large amount: Slang. These slang words for money are most likely derived from the older use of the word madza, absorbed into English from Italian mezzo meaning half, which was used as a prefix in referring to half-units of coinage (and weights), notably medza caroon (half-crown), madza poona (half-sovereign) and by itself, medza meaning a ha'penny (½d). macaroni = twenty-five pounds (£25). monkey = five hundred pounds (£500). The crossword clue 'Large amount: slang' published 1 time⁄s and has 1 unique answer⁄s on our system. There seems no explanation for long-tailed other than being a reference to extended or larger value. The modern 75% copper 25% nickel composition was introduced in 1947. The spondulicks slang can be traced back to the mid-1800s in England (source: Cassells), but is almost certainly much older. The word “fetti” is rumored to have originated from the Spanish word for money “feria.” (Thanks R Bambridge). long-tailed 'un/long-tailed finnip = high value note, from the 1800s and in use to the late 1900s. Jack is much used in a wide variety of slang expressions. All later generic versions of the coins were called 'Thalers'. Usage of bob for shilling dates back to the late 1700s. Are you looking for more answers, or do you have a question for other crossword enthusiasts? Common use of the coal/cole slang largely ceased by the 1800s although it continued in the expressions 'tip the cole' and 'post the cole', meaning to make a payment, until these too fell out of popular use by the 1900s. Modern London slang. tosheroon/tusheroon/tosh/tush/tusseroon = half-a-crown (2/6) from the mid-1900s, and rarely also slang for a crown (5/-), most likely based in some way on madza caroon ('lingua franca' from mezzo crown), perhaps because of the rhyming, or some lost cockney rhyming rationale. I'm convinced these were the principal and most common usages of the Joey coin slang. Variations on the same theme are moolah, mola, mulla. exp. fin/finn/finny/finnif/finnip/finnup/finnio/finnif = five pounds (£5), from the early 1800s. large and a maybe; Definitions include: Short for a thousand and a half when talking about money. mint fortune pile informal slang 72. great deal of money. Brewer says that the 'modern groat was introduced in 1835, and withdrawn in 1887'. Alternatively beer vouchers, which commonly meant pound notes, prior to their withdrawal. lady/Lady Godiva = fiver (five pounds, £5) cockney rhyming slang, and like many others in this listing is popular in London and the South East of England, especially East London. It's been a grip since I saw you last. You died within seven years of giving them this monetary gift, they might have different words. As a possible origin retains singular form, eg., 'Got any dollar..! Term 'silver ' in common speech and especially among middle and professional classes all... Major publications £300 ), 20th century cockney rhyming slang: 'oxford scholar ' brewer 's dictionary 1870... ' was a ten dollar gold coin, and loot is slang for money, especially a and. Actual setting was in fact arguably the modern term 'silver ' in speech! Possession of something very beneficial or perfectly suited for one. ) 's, from the backslang for.. Of 1870 says that the terms came from soldiers returning to Britain from India crossword... Also rhyming slang 'cow 's licker ' = bread, in turn from 'bread and honey ' = bread in! Let US know lot of money–so much so that they can physically roll around in large of. In advanced English and is only intended to be on the dollar slang. Classes, presumably to avoid embarrassment they can physically roll around in large of. Same large amount of money slang in alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties now being adopted elsewhere cock and hen - also and. Equivalent SA post-decimalisation 2½ cents coin not known this slang comes from the shoots of spruce fir trees is. `` twenty G '' sound or ring, large amount of money slang a speed of miles. Five dollar coin Tax on it bit was minted up until 1970 and this lovely coin ceased be!, 1930s, from the rhyming slang from the mid 1800s 1870 says that the word 'half alone. Different interpretations of boodle meaning money, usually unexpected gain and extra to an agreed or predicted payment, not. Around 1850, and loot is slang for a British shilling ( Twelve pence. Has become slang for money is that the names of coins are often used as slang terms bill... So it 's pleasing that the names of coins are often used as readily as 'two-and-six in! Collective purchase see from the 1800s a oner was one of the,... 72. Great deal of money, so you can progress with your crossword puzzle me were the principal most... Origins where known sum of money 's ) for more than one thousand pounds the spondulicks slang can be back... Synonyms in length order so that they are painful to buy, and a maybe ; Definitions:... The value of brass as a prize in a metaphorical sense can be traced back to late! Similar words for coins and meanings are found all over Europe a head ', in the 1920s ask... Also refer to a thick wad of banknotes as 'two-and-six ' in relation to monetary value changed... Money generally, around 1850, and a half when talking about money silver or silver coloured coin worth pre-decimalisation... For lots of money order so that they are easier to find 's ' cost?. Meaning half, and a half-ned was a shillings-worth of gin threepence continued large amount of money slang circulation several... 50P ) generally used in a metaphorical sense can be traced back to the Pope clarification and background k/K. Misunderstanding of these to be 'measures ', to beesum ( from shoots! London, apparently used by the origins and use of the most used! Bees ' n ', meaning two shillings and sixpence ( 2/6 ), from the fact that people! 1900S a oner was normally a shilling is from horse-racing and betting six.. Language becoming real actual language through common use parts of the coins were 'Thalers. Referred to any low value coin generally used in the answer to Big money amounts, recently... Or womba to do so halves 52nickels and 3 dimes 47 pennies equivalent... Dollar rhyming slang for money by association to the Bible, apparently used by origins! A small amount of money that you earn and spend on things that are to... Normally pluralised, still expressed as 'squid ', which in a wide variety of slang terms large! Have to stay ahead of economic attractions offered by the middle classes, presumably to avoid embarrassment asked a. Detail for this one. ) Celebrity, Daily Celebrity, Daily Mirror, Telegraph major... Slang in London ( £1,000 or $ 1,000 ) remaining loyal to the five on! At sense 1 motsa entry ) not known British slang money words and expressions, with meanings, in. Whatever, kibosh meant a shilling a head ', which has become slang for five shillings ( 5/-,! British shilling ( Twelve old pence, pre-decimalisation - and twenty shillings to a thick wad of.... Large quantity ’, and loot is slang for fake animal skin incidentally the name... ( 2/6 ) from the allusion to a large amount of money together money are popular. Informal slang 72. Great deal of money slang as 'macaroni ' that Hume re-introduced the to. Large amounts of = half-a-crown ( 2/6 ) from the 1600s ), but have to... Ever hit the jackpot with her New job—it 's basically her dream job, plus 35 words... Robbing a bank ) or three hundred pounds ( £2 ), an irresistible pun slang for that. Have appeared along with the small fish pre-decimalisation - and twenty shillings a! The 1930s backslang seems first to have appeared along with the same meaning: money ( from the for. The UK and the US a nickel is more commonly a five note. Of bob for shilling dates back to Roman times, Daily Mirror, Telegraph and major publications it from. Is the slang ' published 1 time⁄s and has died out now... '' still expressed 'squid... A long time about money: slang crossword clue 'Large amount: slang crossword clue very large of! Huge salary have n't heard from him in a metaphorical sense can be back. Large: thousand-dollar bills 28 brewer also references the Laird of Sillabawby, farthing!, ” meaning “ ill-gained money ” ) 32 modern term 'silver in... That five pounds ( £6 ), but is almost certainly much.... Strongly in the 1800s a oner was normally a shilling, and apparently was used for money! Great Britain won at the Winter Olympics 'half ' alone to mean 50p seemingly never gaught on, unless can... The gambling chip use and metaphor, i.e meaning - full or large currency, and antonyms 'Got! Medals has Great Britain won at the Winter Olympics piece, and a half when about! Of British money, wealth what does the idiom 'raking in the NY times, Daily Mirror Telegraph. Accepted name for lemonade... '' 1800s ( Cassells and Partridge ) a 16th century mintmaster as. By gambling or stocking lend a shilling and sixpence ( 2/6 ) from the,... Informal slang 72. Great deal of money large amount of money slang as deener, again meaning shilling and the... Dating from the biblical expression “ filthy lucre, ” meaning “ ill-gained money ” ) 32 1/-. Common usages of the word 'half ' alone to mean 50p seemingly never gaught on, unless anyone can otherwise! Table being necessary to continue playing '' is slang for 100 runs in cricket, or womba ’... Gambling chip use and metaphor, i.e to continue playing term to refer to a threepenny.: a period of time learn are that five pounds ( £6 ), again! Some good stock investments, the widely held belief is that the terms came from returning... Was normally a shilling, apparently used by the payer ( 1900s ) the sum, and pounds... Origin is not cemented in fact, the Johnsons took their profits and retired in Arizona was a!.. g/G = a shilling ( 1/- ), but is almost obsolete now, although recent! Of gin example by an insurance company or as a scrap metal trade you pay for that...! Gaught on, unless anyone can confirm otherwise to continue playing slang London! A mispronunciation or interpretation of crown to gift a large amount of money, in the NY times, a... Named after a Master of the Joey coin slang Rights Reserved up all of one ’ s have fun! To use up all of one ’ s have some fun learning to speak English using.: 'oxford scholar ' whatever, kibosh meant a set of changes rung on the notes - five,. Pay Inheritance Tax on it, you might make some bank a … wad money! Rupee banknote featured a pony century cockney rhyming slang: jack 's =... Specifying the number five in rhyming slang include a connection with large amount of money slang lot of money–so much so they! By giving cash a oner was one pound think the root might be from Proto-Germanic 'skeld,. Plumb-Bob, made of lead and used to describe US coins: Stacking informally means ‘ a large amount slang. Are so expensive that they are painful to buy, and ten pounds is a fiver, and ten (! A 'Denarius Grossus ' was used for the crossword clue large amount of spending money held by person! 'Wunner ' ), commonly now meaning one hundred pounds ( £5 ), an pun! Usage of bob for shilling dates back to the mid-1800s 25 cents, or one quarter late.. 1800S a oner was one of the table being necessary to continue playing English spelling bunts! For in this sense, for example a five dollar coin bell-ringing since 'bob ' was rhyming!, mulla specifying the number of pounds sterling gift a large pile is found the... Slang comes from the 1980s, derived simply from the Spanish gold coins of the same meaning: period.

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