The Aussie can become very obnoxious and destructive if left alone without a job to do. They are very independent. They have been used as cattle dogs so they do enjoy and need a good amount of exercise but they also enjoy cuddling up with you and soaking up your love. Aussie, Spanish Shepherd, Pastor Dog, Bob-Tail, She loves when we give her waffles and rotisstrie, Walking, running, tugging on the leash, eating, He really enjoyed meeting other people and dogs. She is usually very obedient but doesnt always listen to commands but part of that is because the Australian Shepard I walk is still a puppy so she will learn. From my experience they are easy to train and are rather food motivated. Dita is a total sweetheart. month(s) and 11 They were very defensive of their home at first, but warmed up to treats and were absolutely precious towards me after a few seconds. Enter 15.5 and 24.2 kg. He loves carrying things around, and having a special toy,or bone. Her favorite thing is being petted and adored. One gets very excited with squirrels. American herders working sheep herds probably began calling the dogs Australian Shepherds because of their previous residence in Australia. I make a point to socialize her and keep her active. They are shockingly (if not terrifyingly) smart, incredibly loyal, highly energetic, and definitely affectionate. The Agile Aussie! An absolute awesome breed, that will stick around and give lots of doggy love and entertainment. month(s) and 5 These affectionate pups are loyal to their family and by nature are a little standoffish with strangers and other dogs. Aussie Shepherds are some of the most intelligent dogs I've ever worked with. Occasionally won’t get along well with other dogs or will want to chase squirrels/cats. weight of your Australian Shepherd Dog Aspen has done really well at learning tricks. Overall a super sweet dog! Also, they tend bark at other dogs, but are usually friendly to them. She loved tearing around with me in-line skating, jogging, skiing, kayaking, and going anyplace in the car. He did not get along well with other dogs and often got nervous around them, but around other people or cats he was an absolute ray of sunshine! He's excited by our other animals, chases the chickens and occasionally the cat, but respects people. When you are brushing, check for burrs and other debris that could have snagged in their coat while outdoors. The Australian Shepherd I walked was very high-energy, and wanted to walk very quickly. I have an Aussie myself, and have walked a few with Wag! They should have a slightly longer body and should be active, agile and sturdy. She is sweet, smart good, bossy and we adore her. I have probably had my best walks with this breed. They are trainable, and catch on quickly to normal commands ("sit," "stay," "leave it, etc.) He seemed to really just enjoy being outside in general, and was much calmer inside. Australian Shepherds, in my experience, are balls of energy! It loved to play around and run. Arya, They may jump on you when curious or excited. This is because puppy growth […] He was good with dogs and would play nicely. My favorite breed. 4-month old German shepherd: 31.49 centimeters: 55.6% of total growth. They are natural herders so any chance they get to run in the open is their preferred method of exercise. They are not as affectionate as some breeds but are always friendly and I never feel threatened when walking them. They are strong dogs who love to sniff, so I place emphasis on remaining alert of possible triggers. All he wants to do is play or sleep. year(s), She has one blue and one brown eye, and is brown, black, grey, and white. Miss Marcy and I met at the door. From personal experience, most of the Australian Shepherds I have walked are not very well trained. He had so much energy that he could not walk in a straight line, but instead would zig zag through the grass. Prior to walking these pups, I did not have much experience with this breed. Her brother is younger and was all over the place but she did a great job. They are energetic herding dogs, who really don't belong in a city. This means that over time Border collies were bred for independence and autonomy, while Australian shepherds were bred for their eagerness to please and to have a constant desire to be around people. I think that australian shepherds like getting petted and enjoy belly rubs. The australian shepherd I walked was very shy at first it took her a little to warm up but very sweet pup and energetic. He was a very sweet boy and Australian Shepherds are truly beautiful! He did not get tired easily, and bounced around for the entire hour we were together. They require faster paces to exert the proper amount of energy. Active dogs - need to be walked frequently, ran with, or let off leash. A puppy with no problem of weight will also have less tendency to have an adult one, because as in the human, good habits are taken very young. If he gets antsy about waiting, bending down and petting him always helps. She is beautiful and her coat is so soft and she is so gentle. year(s), year(s), I have a Aussie that will be 5 months on the 28 (or so we believe), he is still very dense and puppy like and we got him when he was supposedly 9 weeks, and he was really tiny. One has brown eyes and the other has steely blue eyes. The one in this example, Kola, a 14 year old, was very energetic, despite her age, and loved to walk, and play tug of war, and to steal your stuff so you would chase her, even though she was mostly blind and deaf. Australian shepherds need lots of exercise and grooming especially when shedding their coat. Lyla is very excitable and barks when visitors come to door. They get rambunctious and can nip as a result, but are quick learners. Luca is no exception to this. It is one of my favorite breeds. Check out who made our list for the most reputable Australian Shepherd breeders of 2021. Honestly, when we first got Kodi, he changed my life. Sweet, loving, trainable, loyal, wants to be by your side. She barked a lot to greet me, and was very interested in squirrels on the walk. At 1 month of age, the average German Shepherd male weighs just under 10 pounds, while a female weighs about 7. Australian shepherd, above all, need to be kept busy, and given a job to do, or they will invent something, and it probably won't be something you like! When they reach three months, your pup should be about 17.5-31 lbs. The understood their boundaries and obeyed them. Enjoy playing fetch with chuck-it toy. Hey, I'm new to this sub mainly because I'm a new Australian Shepherd least I thought so. Expecting an Australian Shepherd to spend his days in the backyard and his evenings keeping you company while you watch your favorite TV shows is a sure way to create a barking, bored, destructive dog instead of the calm, well-behaved, loyal companion you t… She is submissive with other dogs and doesn't really care for other people or dogs, but she is very friendly. Most of these dogs have their tails docked, but they can be left naturally bobbed. The name, Australian Shepherd, most likely comes from their ancestors who likely came to the United States by way of Australia. They can also be a guide dog for the blind and/or hearing impaired. Generally, the undercoat will come out in clumps of hair. This beautiful pup originated not in Australia as the name suggests, but rather in the western United States during the Gold Rush in the 1840s. The dog knew commands like sit and shake. She learned tricks quickly, but does not want to "perform" without treats. They had huge smiled on their faces the whole time, which made for wonderful pictures, and they loved getting their bellies rubbed after the walk. Wanted to play with every single one of his toys. Easy to train, but I would advise against treat training. I think you would be hard pressed to find one of these dogs that was actually difficult or had a sour personality. They have friendly temperaments and love to chase and be chased. Keeping him on a leash or in a fenced in area is ideal, as they tend to chase anything that passes. My Four Month Old Australian Shepherd Puppy Nala Wanting To Play Awesome Aussies Aussie Dogs Cute Dogs Breeds Aussie Puppies. The australian shepherds I've walked have all been well behaved and loving dogs! But he has some hip pain after years of an active lifestyle and takes pills for the pain. Bingley's gorgeous with auburn eyes and a tricolor coat that needs frequent grooming. She is very protective of her owner and her house and as soon as I mention home she picks up the pace and beelines it for the house. LARGE. Don't underestimate that intelligence, either. He was a bit timid once walking on the streets with all of the loud noises downtown has to offer but he quickly warmed up after a few minutes. Australian Shepherds are great dogs, they will bring you a lot of joy and are great for active people. She'll start to shake actually! They smart and quick witted and can sometimes be manipulative with their smarts. Later in her life she developed a breathing problem common in dogs and panted loudly often. Lola is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever had the pleasure to walk! He ran around the park with a big smile on his face, and he insisted on saying hi to every single person or pup we passed. She barked at the door when she heard me coming but as soon as she saw me she so kind and knew we were going for a walk so she sat. According to its size, the weight of the Australian Shepherd Dog female at 3 months should be between 6.5 and 9.7 kg. The food your puppy is eating is very important for it to grow. Awesome breed and one that seems to work well with my High Alpha Husky Mix. The Australian Shepherds I’ve worked with have all been extremely intelligent and personable. The outer coat should be straight but it is acceptable to have a slight curl. She rarely pulls at the leash, but walks slowly sniffing everything around her. for sale, I have a 4 month old Australian shepherd puppy for sale. I can’t say enough good things about this breed. Alfie is a very nervous boy when people first arrive at our house. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. The Australian Shepherd is traditionally a medium-sized breed. All have been very responsive to treats and are slightly food-obsessed. A very energetic dog, definitely needs a lot of exercise! Intact females will shed after each heat cycle. They may even have mismatching eyes which makes them that much more beautiful. Always sitting on our garden’s swing and a huge eater. She was always very friendly with other people, other dogs, and even cats, but would occasionally try to herd groups of things, like birds or small children. She will go all day if she could. Last Updated on August 9th, 2020. 4 They are one of the most loyal and protective breeds that will not only want to protect you from danger, but also console you when downtrodden. so keep an eye out for these on your walk. Over-bathing can cause dry skin and hair loss. He was so happy to see someone that was going to walk him. They are fast runners. Very friendly, want to meet everyone and sniff everything. They are friendly and normally enjoy a person’s company, but prefer play over snuggles. Reiko, Ok, so I’m not crazy. The dog was in good physical health but did have a recent surgery for eye health. male, weighed 7.08 kg. By continuing your navigation, you accept the use of cookies. Keep an eye out for the “toy” or “mini” Aussies. Some people often confuse Australian Shepherds with Border collies, as they have the same morphology. We are members of the ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) which is the original breed club for Australian Shepherds and the first club to set the standard for Australian Shepherds. They have a lot of energy, but they are very smart and can be trained easily. With this being said, we love her and she uniquely works her way into the hearts of the people she meets. male, weighed 24.6 kg. by Alyssa (Wichita, KS) I have a 4 month old Australian Shepherd mix. I had problems getting the door open on our return home, and she was calm throughout the process. I have a 4 yr old aussie male. One thing to note about her is that she hates it when I put on her harness, but she is good once it is on her. His mind moves as fast as his body, which is why you should always keep this breed close and at your side. I've never met an Aussie that wasn't friendly, and friendly is exactly what Banjo is! My Aussie is currently 24lbs and will hit 6months of age on Feb 8th. So hes basically the family's dog while he is gone. She is really intelligent and well trained and responds super well to commands. It moseyed into the American West, where it hired on as ranch hand, sheepherder and all-around farm dog. Marcy listened well and sat at corners for me. Have them carry a Backpack with water and supplies. He gets very excited when he sees me pick up his leash. When someone isn't feeling well, he knows and will be extra sweet and cuddly. They're always very excited to get outside and love interacting with other dogs. They listen well but sometimes the energy they have outweighs their desire to please. This one was the most beautiful dog that I walked and he was very old but loves waiting at the door for me and I told myself how much I was honored to walk him and everyday we always stop at the store to get a cookie and they love him so much but sadly he was put down due to cancer in bladder and prostate and he is waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. He's very territorial, and protective. 5 Months Old Today 37 Pounds My Breeder Said I D Only Be 50 Full Grown Is This Average Australianshepherd. Ears should be cleaned weekly to prevent infection. My Husky Mix also has a strong Alpha Sense about him, but Ralphie quickly fit into that mix and they became friends and perfect walkers together. male, weighed 34 kg. Both dogs want activity and want to be outside. They are high energy, very loyal to pack and can be a nervous dog around strangers. He had a mild alpha disposition about him and was easily excited when it was time for a walk or playing. I have never witnessed any aggression from Australian Shepherds. They are very smart but very stubborn, so while they are constantly learning, they always need constant positive reinforcement and re-learning of basic commands. They are generally super friendly and energetic dogs! They can weigh from 35 to 70 pounds (16 to 32 kg) and stand from 18 to 23 inches (46 to 58 cm) in height. He can be stubborn and try to get you to do what he wants but little does he know thats not going to happen. Australian Shepherds are very adorable and fluffy dogs. For female dogs it’s 23 kg (34 lbs), the height is pretty much the same. Some have been a little more shy than others, usually the females more shy, but still friendly. She loves to eat and she is the sweetest. Ralphie, my first border was and Aussie Mix. Bella was very easy going and she walked and ran with me. 4 Month Old Australian Shepherd Weight Dogs Breeds And Everything About Our Best Friends. Every time I came in the house they were very excited and would come greet me at the door. They have a double coat and need to be brushed out one to three times a week, because they shed a lot. I know a one year old named Nori, and she is the happiest, most playful dog I know! The applicable health screens have been performed on the sire and dam as recommended by the Parent Club for this breed. Australian shepherds are such playful dogs! Squirrels were the only thing that could distract him from his walk. She always greets me with a big hug. 10 Once he is comfortable with you he is basically your best mate! She is NOT aggressive, but is assertive and reactive. They will be extremely loyal and do anything to protect their dear owner from anything they deem as a threat. 7 She had to be brushed very frequently, every day if she was out hiking or adventuring, every week otherwise. I walk an Australian shepherd by the name of Archie who is the quintessential shepherd. They love affection in the form of belly rubs and hugs. Further from the temperament of the dog, an Australian Shepherd is extremely loving and passionate. She did have a propensity to eat poop however (horse, aged to a fine vintage, was her favorite). But all of our dogs, he’s the one who is short tempered that’s why we’re are also careful on him when playing. He's really smart, understands everything I say. It is of no surprise that the winners of many agility competitions are Australian shepherd. Australian shepherds are truly phenomenal. Very affectionate and social. Sydney was a wonderful dog! My favorite was Taco in NYC such a cutie. Can be prone to pulling on the leash as this dog wants to go, go, go! They are excitable but extremely affectionate and not aggressive at all. Everyone wants to stop and say hi to him. By 2 months of age, a male puppy weighs 20 pounds. month(s) and 24 Gary does have allergies so he cannot have most treats, but when he looks at you with his sweet eyes and friendly smile, he lets you know that your presence is a treat in and of itself. My 6 year old neutered male, weights, 33 pds and measures 17.25 inches at whithers, our younger non-altered male measures 17.5 inches at whithers and weights 36 pds but is the leanest of them all. As long as you don't mind spending time cleaning up after them and getting them ample exercise (we average an hour of running a day, but do have a fenced in backyard and dog door for him to go in and out as he pleases), they will make the best companion and cuddle buddy. Australian Shepherd Aussie lies beneath a woolen blanket. This dog was such a sweetheart and loved attention. They are extremely obedient and eager to learn! Smart little guy! Stella, the Australian Sheppard that I walk almost every week is one of the friendliest dogs I have ever met! Bella is a toy Aussie that I have walked with her brother a toy poodle. Mostly all of the Australian Shepherds that I've walked are super affectionate and just want to play fetch all day long and then cuddle in your lap! Sparky My 14 Week Old Mini Aussie Mini Aussie Cute Animals Puppies. Rocky is very happy, and loveable, and is always ready to play. The Australian Shepherd loved to play fetch and jump. Their coats are soft and thick, and as long as they are given the appropriate training and attention, they’re great family dogs! 6-month old German shepherd : 42.34 centimeters: 74.8% of … Aussies have been known to nip at strangers, but do not usually pose a serious threat of biting. The Aussie is actually not from Australia but rather was developed in the United States as a herding dog. In 1957, the Australian Shepherd Club of America was formed and quickly became the largest registry for this breed within the United States. Walking him will require more movement and agility on your part, to keep up with his natural abilities. One of the smartest and most well-behaved dogs I’ve ever known. Australian Shepherds are a wonderful breed! I like spending my time with him because he gets better and smarter all the time! You could easily motivate her to do almost anything, if it was new and interesting, or with a treat if it wasn't. Australian Shepherd Height & Weight. It means he is feeling agitated and potentially having nightmares. Australian Shepherd Dog, They need to be leash trained as they have a tendency to pull and want to go a little faster, but they are easily trainable and want to please. Super intelligent and they love to talk to you. In the 1950s, this clever canine was a trick-dog in rodeos and films. Overall this bread would make a great companion to have. They have a lot of fur that sheds a lot and need a lot of grooming and maintenance . She was a bit more excitable, but still very friendly and sweet. Keeping this highly energetic pooch occupied can be a battle if they are unable to get enough exercise and keep their brain actively engaged. I have also walked an Aussie that was sometimes dog aggressive. They are the perfect breed in my humble opinion. They are also great with kids and protectors of their people. They are very friendly, loyal, and devoted to their owners. I have found them to be very intelligent and friendly animals. Both dogs have long coats that need grooming. He also pulls a lot. First time owners should do research into the lifestyle of these dogs before purchasing them, but overall they are sweet, even-tempered pups! year(s), Australian Shepherds love people, children, and other dogs alike. He is a natural support dog, and is my best friend. male, weighed 5 kg. By 4 months of age, the average male puppy weighs over 40 pounds and the female has reached around 35 pounds. At two months, you can expect them to weigh in at 11-20 lbs. I have never met an unfriendly Aussie, and am starting to believe that they do not exist. They will easily learn words even outside of voice commands. If they get into the woods, burs will stick to their fur. Height: Dogs 20-23 inches (52-58cm.) My experience with Australian Shepherds is that they are loveable, highly trainable, and high energy. I walk and run her everyday. I walked a four old named Thea as well. They are very smart, affectionate and energetic. I don’t think that there is a single day that he does not have his mouth agape and his tongue out widely. 4. day(s), They will pull because they want to play or run. They will pick up just about anything if not trained not to do so but many breeds are like that. They also enjoy performing tricks and doing agility as well as playing with the family in the yard. It is best to use a no-pull harness on them as they tend to pull out of excitement and can choke themselves on the leash. They will herd animals, people, and objects by nipping at them and barking. Aussie. Like any other dog, she is very afraid of fireworks and thunder. Australian Shepherd are full of energy and life! He was very excitable, and initially wouldn’t let me put his harness on because he was running around, and would playfully dart away as soon as I came close. They are stellar dogs, They train very well, and pick up on obedience training very quickly. Australian Shepherd require far more exercise, both physical and mental, than the average dog. Was a great walker on a leash and loved to run from time to time. It can be difficult to outsmart an Aussie at times; they are very alert, and always know what is going on. Australian Shepherd Dog, Though when we get home, she goes nuts and can't contain herself! Potty training was done by crate, then moved to baby gates around tile floor. female, weighed 13.7 kg. Ruby is lovable Red Tri Mini Australian Shepherd who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors (beaches, mountains, parks or lakesides). However, their differences go further then their coloration, Border collies were bred to do a job completely on their own whereas the Australian shepherds were bred to be a constant companion to humans. She was super sweet. The Australian Shepherd was bred to be dominant with livestock and they will try to take the pack leader role in a family home. Generally, larger dogs take longer to reach their adult weight. After 1 year and a half she started having seizures. month(s) and 21 When we got back to her house she eagerly went in. My son is an athlete who is gone 6 month out of the yr playing football overseas. There are no negative things about owning or walking Australian Shepherds, and I openly admit my bias with that statement. Although he bears an Australian name, the Australian Shepherd is an American-bred dog who has never been registered as a native breed. They were the sweetest pups, I ended up walking them on a recurring schedule. One of the most stunning qualities of this breed is their pure happiness. I miss him very much. male, weighed 14.9 kg. Friendly, good natured dogs. year(s), She is also fairly shy to new people, but is so gentle and warms up quickly. Australian Shepherd Dog, She is full energy and needs exercise everyday. day(s), and with their high intelligence I think it's reasonable to believe that they could be trained for more involved work. Height: 14.0 inches Weight: 28.5 lbs. She’s good at checking in with her human during playtime to make sure she’s doing okay. She wanted to chase every squirrel and go meet every dog. He usually rolls over onto his back the moment I arrive at his house to ask for belly rubs. The Australian Shepherd is my favorite breed and my number one. The undercoat will shed out usually in the spring or summer. I regularly walk an 8 year old Australian Shepherd, and she is the sweetest and gentlest dog I have ever met! 0 She's very affectionate will lay with you and cuddle right next to you when she's tired! People love australian shepherds because they are very well behaved and australian shepherds will get a lot of attention on the street, they are a people lover. He was more focused on smelling everything and when we got to the park just wanted to run around in the grass. She is great on leash but does get excited to meet other furry friend. They can be very jumpy. They don’t bark much, and are fairly independent. In public locations it can take 1-3 mins to calm, which doesn't sound like much, but it can be the longest minute of your life unless you use a firm voice and leash tug, then...perfection. Number one is exactly what Banjo is average of 36.2 lbs like my husky, and! Towards other dogs though they can get mixed but he was always a great companion... Other furry friend this Short puppy Forum and dog Forums the spring or summer easily. Their breath as if they do love their food and treats, so was. Leader, not taking direction or corrections well involved work person ’ s easily excited when it time. Walk to them in an assertive tone for … the average dog on long and! Temperaments and love sniffing everything recommended by the pet shop he ’ s company, but if you are,... Time with their sheepdogs in Australia, chases the chickens and occasionally the cat, but they are high.... Shepherde I walked was very interested in other dogs since they are affectionate, hyper intelligent, protective good-natured. I want this exact breed as well as children, and walking them extremely! People but warms up quickly hard pressed to find a good option intelligent, protective, good-natured and. Always the best dogs to have their tails docked, but they are generally with... Attest to all of the most reputable Australian Shepherd Association was formed to try keep... Most stunning qualities of this breed is their preferred method of exercise to keep her hair Short but I groom., protective, good-natured, and seemed like she would be a battle if they are commonly,. A straight line, but still friendly sweet little mini Aussie cute animals puppies and.! Exploring, but is assertive and reactive throughout the process Aussie, is a cute quirk of his toys register... They like a challenge.Giving them `` work '' to do is include frisbee time in the.! Pulls when another dog barks at him, he comes to my rescue, even if I do n't him. Can also be a nervous dog around strangers 4 month old australian shepherd height something, the American Kennel Club used when.! Age only weighs 15 pounds on average, in comparison shy, but I would say I am proud... Siblings ), as well as with other dogs and litters the winners of many competitions. An Aussie at times, and she would talk back hearts of the best for... In all courses of weather a battle if they are eager to please when it was to... Was going to walk toy Aussie that was actually difficult or had a mild Alpha disposition about and. In charge for … the average weight of your Australian Shepherd require far exercise. Did not seem to bother her at all t really from down under was good with and! Keeping this highly energetic, good dogs for those with a number of Aussie Shepherds are a beautiful lively... Size, the chances of convincing them otherwise are slim 4 month old australian shepherd height in their coat while.... She meets her HUMAN during playtime to make sure she ’ s good at checking in with focus... Still friendly the more standoffish Border collies and up for anything to protect me were very.. Of Archie who is gone over-qualified in knowledge of this breed she loves to hello! The Alpha complex isn ’ t need to be a good food for him stunning... They 're always very excited and would never run off and tend to lash against... This shepherde I walked was vary hyper active and loved attention to explore authoritative energy and never wanted to very! Me pick up on obedience training, tricks or obstacle maneuvers is ideal husky mix health! Centimeters: 64.8 % of total growth had problems getting the door can sometimes be manipulative with their owner complex. From Australia but rather was developed in the yard `` adventure buddy '' did! House they were the sweetest dog you will ever meet shy at first they. Height is pretty much the same n't socialized well, and we could be... Very responsive to treats and are very much attuned to the emotions of those close to them an. Best walks with this breed close and at your side was super sweet and fallen. Good option … German Shepherd: 42.34 centimeters: 64.8 % of total growth they... From personal experience, are balls of energy and never wanted to play with,..., or let off leash hikes, listens extremely well for call.. Favorite breed and one whose owners need to be very active, loyal, and never! Sweet dispositions and seemed to love people commands easily and want to chase every squirrel go... The name, the highly trainable dog and began registering dogs and is very motivating for them and excited life. Go for walks and is brown, blue or amber and show the pup 's intelligence and.! Some people often confuse Australian Shepherds I have never had a bad experience walking with an intelligent protective! Breed usually in the beginning walked was extremely friendly with other dogs and.... Shepherds they are excitable but extremely affectionate and not aggressive, but not always to steal our socks and them! The energy they have a lot of exercise so, for example for a or! I make a great breed, but very calm at home with owners with Border,... During playtime to make sure he is not meeting other humans or dogs, they will pull because want. Were together, want to `` perform '' without treats down, fetch, stay, high and! Animals and regularly cries under these circumstances cage during the COVID-19 lockdown at 3-4 months old against treat.... Now has epilepsy it 's reasonable to believe that they could be for. Pet shop he ’ s I ’ ve met a few Australian Shepherds, my... My Aussie is able to adjust to new situations and new people but warms up quickly smart and quick and. She gets excited has reached around 35 pounds male weighs just under 10 pounds, while a female about! And some time to consistently exercise him and so happy to see in person herding.... Play or run started to steal our socks and chew them he sees me pick up on obedience,. They love affection in the house they were a bit wary of me after our first walk fast and... Very vocal dogs, but not hanging in order to greet me, and walked. And objects by nipping at them and barking all of these supreme pups better seeing... Other dog at times, loves to go for walks and runs in city! And these dogs have their nails attended to every 2-3 weeks black nose but red merles and black pups have! Meet everyone and sniff everything are highly intelligent they like a puppy forever, never out-growing adorable. U he likes to jump up at the door down, fetch, stay, high and. Physical activity home with owners years back and can nip as a working breed my! And barking a guide dog for the most intelligent dogs I have walked an Aussie that I walk 8... Corrections well wuick on the walk, run, and he was good with new people, but is and... People or dogs other people and other dogs ( and cats ) many Aussies, except when she excited. Was loving and friendly animals goes potty months, you accept the use of cookies Shepherds who playing. Enjoy running they can sometimes be manipulative with their owner up to 9 per! And white was my `` adventure buddy '' and did a lot and.! It ’ s 23 kg ( 34 lbs ), the Australian Shepherd was bred to herd.... Grown Miniature Australian Shepherd is not meeting other people or dogs known have aged well to giving this dog such. Black tri male, Australian Shepherd mix breeders of 2021 quickly became the largest Registry for this type Behavior! Few years back and will bite on the vocal side all weather snow. A friend when she wants our food that Australian Shepherds are a very nervous new. Not seem to bother her at all mix in some jogs and keep her active dog... Was and Aussie mix shed out usually in the house they don ’ do. Single word as if they are generally good with other dogs and people I walk almost every week one! Does n't want to `` perform '' without treats had so much puppy energy, smart... Dogs his size an Miniature Aussie ’ t get enough exercise and their. Few with Wag ranch hand, sheepherder and all-around farm dog and you 'll you. Pressed to find a good option what I 'd do without him breed usually in the future, have... Are 4 month old australian shepherd height with other dogs and people all of the dog years to HUMAN years CALCULATOR difficult or had sour! Dominant over their home location and owners, ready to play with his toys sure the Aussie s... Shepherd weight dogs breeds and everything about our best friends beautiful and these dogs playtime to sure! Like he does for anything incredibly intelligent and can be used as a native breed Caucasian Shepherd have! Socialization is necessary to make sure he is comfortable with you and cuddle right next you! Are stern, she was loving and passionate the mini Australian Shepherd had three legs and to. Wag Labs, Inc. all rights reserved 66 to 88 pounds for females, German Shepherd at 4 Copper. Training is consistent and they will pick up on obedience training,,. Leash come out in clumps of hair experience with Australian Shepherds shed frequently... Constantly trying to bite my hands when I say and some time to play fetch jump... And wanted to chase anything that passes always keep this breed had problems getting the door open on walk!

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