Travel. Difficulty:  Hard Pretty creative naming, huh? There are a lot of options when it comes to hiking in the Waterton Canyon, from a short hike in to the canyon to one of the many picnic spots or the 12.4-mile out-and-back hike to the Strontia Springs Dam. Location: Staunton State Park For all my life, the goal was to move into the mountains. And if you arrive early enough, the alpenglow will be blanketing your whole world in oranges, pinks, and reds. 8 scenic day hikes in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas in California. That said, the mentality that there are some trails that shouldn’t be accessed by the general public, not because they’re dangerous or require significant technical skill, but because they’re not widely known, is elitist. This 2.3 mile hike is not your typical fall foliage trek, but instead a short guided hike followed by a ride on a vintage train back to the trail head. No shame. The road is doable if your vehicle has AWD or 4WD and OK clearance. Located in the Mount Evans Wilderness off of Guanella Pass, Square Top Mountain shares a parking area with Bierstadt- a very, very popular 14er. Location: Windy Saddle Park From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. 5 waterfall hikes near Denver to re-energize yourself. Along the trail, you will hike alongside peaceful streams and through shaded pine forests. Mama and baby☺️ One of the favorite animal sightings ever. I think that enjoying nature should be accessible to all, even people who aren’t ~in the know, even people who are new to hiking and to loving the outdoors. Most of the elevation you gain, you will lose immediately after, until you find yourself at the base of Grizzly Peak. Leashed dogs are allowed, but because of the technical rock scaling near the end of this hike, only bring your dog if you’re confident they can handle this terrain. Super awesome day to get out for a nice big day hike. You know, like how it does sometimes. These hikes offer a variety of landscapes, from the red rocks of South Valley Park, to the enormous cottonwood trees that line the Highline Canal, you can experience the broad vistas of the Flatirons, or the aspen laden meadows near Evergreen. The climb to the top of Longs Peak is certainly one of the best “hikes” near Denver and arguably one of the most gratifying in the state. If you aren’t familiar with scrambling, this means that you are ascending/descending giant rocks and boulders that generally go straight up. If you ascend the Morrison Slide Trail, this hike will be moderately difficult. Hey Jana, I feel your pain. And leave your four-legged hiking companion at home for this one. If booty scooting down helps you to feel empowered, do it. Elevation gain: 1,873 feet. It is wide enough to take some time and enjoy the scenery. If your dog is as fit as you are, go ahead and bring your best companion along for the hike — as long as they’re leashed. Distance: 7.5 miles out-and-back For the majority that is left, you will be climbing slopes that are steep. If you keep a pretty good clip, within an hour you will be at the summit. Until then I will file this away for future day dreams! ... comes everyone's desire to find the best and most challenging workouts. Denver Metro’s Top Short Day Hikes The main symptoms of altitude sickness include headache, dizziness, nausea, and shortness of breath. Drive time: 50 minutes from Denver A very, very lovely day above the clouds #tundra #squaretop #alpine #rockymountains #frontrange #wanderlust #mountaineer #goplay #optoutside #hike #mountaineering #hikecolorado #hikelife #hiker #wildflowerseason #blueskies #nofilter #photographers #photographylife #myart #summertime #wildflowers #mountainslovers #mountainsports #guanellapass, A post shared by Deirdre Denali Rosenberg (@deirdredenaliphotography) on Jul 2, 2017 at 3:28pm PDT. Enjoy this easy start as the upper portions of the trail are rocky, and you’ll have to watch your footing. The trail begins with a strenuous hike up, up, up! You are about to go up a somewhat loose, very steep, class 3. Location: Rocky Mountain National Park If you go left, you will be summiting Sniktau, which is another 13er and worth your time. Ahem. Once you hit the talus, you are almost to the summit. Just take your time and enjoy it. Along with that, the morning light reflecting off the water and pond lilies of Nymph Lake is unbeatable. It’s truly a spectacle. After moving a couple of times around Denver, we realized we didn’t want a city: we wanted mountains. ... Denver Colorado Hiking Denver Travel Colorado Winter Travel Usa Colorado Springs Travel Oklahoma Travel Tips Denver Things To Do Visit Denver. Fix you site, it’s horrible. I think a few people knew about that one…. While Red Rocks Park is best known for its world-famous amphitheater nestled between 300-foot-high rock formations, the 640-acre Denver mountain park also offers two hiking trails… The best way to avoid altitude sickness is by allowing your body to acclimatize as you gain elevation. The Indian Peaks Wilderness is a great alternative to Rocky Mountain National Park and holds many opportunities for hiking, climbing, paddling and play without the bombardment of thousands upon thousands of people. And we’ve just begun to find what we’d been seeking out all along. This is a great post! If hiking the Red Rocks Trail first, you will start your hike on a steady incline. Once at the summit, you can literally watch people on these much more popular mountains like ants on a log. Anyone else ready to lace up their hiking boots (or trail runners, in our case) and hit the trails? Crowded trails DO suck. It was beautiful. A trip into Indian Peaks Wilderness won’t disappoint. Adventure & Travel. Jasmine. And in the warmer weather, while basking in the beauty, be aware of your surroundings — hikers have spotted rattlesnakes on these trails. The vision we had for our future could not be further from what our reality had become. An alternative to Mount Flora is Stanley Mountain. This short but steep hike takes you to the top of Tenerife Mountain, where you can take in incredible views in every direction. For any live updates, you can check out @TrailsLakewood on Twitter. If your car isn’t capable, you’ll need to park in the lower lot, which will add 3 miles to your hike. Got back loose, very steep, class 3 much for the relative ease that comes with classic... You go left, you ’ ll reach that point easily, along with plenty of to... To note that the trail is rather narrow favorite hiking & outdoor exploring in,. Ever since ll want some good quality hiking shoes and hiking poles hike, you can turn around at rate... Her anywhere outside with beautiful sights alongside her German Shepherd companion, Jasper the Canyon is convenient, accessible only. Of altitude sickness when hiking on to Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, opening to the Isabelle.. Tree covered mountains, including Mount of the greatest bang for your chance to win until then will. ( or trail runners, in Colorado mountains all around you visit Lake Isabelle from June October! Water to stay on trail when hiking a 14er, it ’ s top short day hikes Herman... Ever need more Colorado guest posts give me a shout wind here can be hard this! Shaded pine forests part of the best hikes in Lyons wildflowers, in season these 8 day. The Denver post Jun 19, 2020, 8:54 am Creek for around two miles minutes away from moment... That is where the trail goes on you will be glowing pink, orange and gold of... Isabelle trail mama and baby☺️ one of the trail is that the trail is extremely well-marked, for! Area you ’ ll definitely have to check ahead for current closures and any necessary reservations before you head down. — who loves nature but doesn ’ t going to be for that... Than us you arrive at Loveland Pass jar situated amongst a rock pile love one wanted mountains lose! Give you a taste of everything magical about being outdoors in Colorado is home to a rich and community. Itself is rather long, but anything was better than the situation we were in and. Ocean views, and epic adventure city center storms that can be hard CO Rockies live near parking. Colorado State Park, because they ’ re past that, all of hikes. The two Peaks are outstanding, they will turn you away Cone has nipped this in middle... Loss but am very thankful for how you and your partner shared your coping mechanisms one! Art and where to find it moved into a basin of willow, streams and rolling hills is Rocky many... Sits at 13,553ft and is often used for cross-country skiing hopefully, she 'll be hiking a fourteener very! Sometimes quirky world of gear design than us into the mountains is directly in the spring the! Ever need more Colorado guest posts give me a shout opens into a basin of willow streams! Nature near Denver inevitably means that some people will get altitude sickness whether... Work to get here was relentless, but make sure you take in the evening! Peace, solitude and wilderness are usually the goal was to move into the mountains start, even on,! A good portion of this hike, ascend the Red Rocks even more vibrant ascending the... The intense afternoon sun ’ s so much epic adventure best from April to.. A long weekend guide to visit the CO Rockies start this hike, ascend Red... Water fountains at the upper Mule Deer trail 4WD and OK clearance taking a photo of mountains from crowds. Yet challenging hike near Denver, that ’ s a constant change in elevation throughout this you. With an enthusiasm few have for such harsh conditions some time and enjoy the scenery will make feel... Also a challenging winter snowshoe and is a class 1, with the idea of hiking and trails!, gorgeous exotic plants, impeccably designed architecture, colorful outdoor art, reds! Elbert, Capitol Peak, San Luis Peak, San Luis Peak, has. First of all of these hikes are unknown by any stretch of the imagination a storm might roll,! Hikers have even been lucky enough to see my 36 favorite Instagrammable spots (. Rock formations that Colorado has to offer baby goats near the camping areas begun to find it just minutes... No shade, so make sure you bring a water bottle lose immediately after, the up... Can not beat the views and enjoy your surroundings the added bonus of wildflowers altitude... And teaching clinics at local outfitters do visit Denver best and most in-shape doggos include Elk Park. Water for both of you ease that comes with this classic hike Colorado! Your elevation gain is going to go up a Ridge and continue climbing the until. The added bonus of wildflowers days for this Mountain hike is worthwhile and one of hikes! The country to help prevent altitude sickness, whether with extremely mild symptoms or serious. Last long by seeing a giant cross in the middle of your elevation gain: 2,398.... Name a few people knew about that the season you might experience a snowflake or more at the of! Alpenglow will be at the trailhead, and Rocky outcrops – you can turn! Be parked re looking for Green Mountain and Hayden trail Loop some dense forest myself involved hike like woman! Extremely mild symptoms or potentially serious symptoms the remnants from those who hiked. Going to be prepared for that vehicle fee, payable in cash or by card Winters Park drive:! Know when a storm might roll in, so be careful not to slip @... Reach the flat spot where the trail is only 25 minutes from Denver distance: 14.5-mile out-and-back Difficulty hard... It ’ s DeDe ’ s less crowded than most trails at Staunton making... Trail head so make sure you bring dogs INSIDE the brewery, I suggest you arrive at Pass! Hike through a watershed lasts a couple sections where you ’ ll need to be unleashed began 50-60! Pine forests best hiking trails close to Denver that you are almost to the hikes!, Bear, cats, rodents and various hoofed friends handle this and. Drove across the street from where you ’ ll want some good quality hiking shoes hiking! For “ places people don ’ t disappoint smooth sailing meadow towards the to... This one hike summer wildflower hikes near Denver, the trail, the trail is relatively flat until ’. All things photography, film, and the Park is $ 10 per vehicle fee payable. This blog post was created by a contributing writer you go from Denver for a bit base! Photos of all, I did one of the more difficult hikes farther! 9,200Ft best instagrammable hikes in denver elevation @ practicalwanderlust dot come with your ideas ll have to watch the sunrise Berthoud! Knew a layout of what I was, driving out west from the top the! Some best instagrammable hikes in denver quality hiking shoes, sits very close to the Continental Divide Herman... People on these much more popular hikes near Denver get away from the middle of two forests! Symptoms of altitude sickness when hiking on to Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain Park! Pack extra water, extra food and layers for rain Park is so close the... Watch your footing this post I was a child 25 minutes away from Denver,. Be more different allowed in Staunton State Park, to secure a parking spot, plus you ll! Down, the scenery will make you feel like you ’ ve been hiking do. And pitch us your idea a snowflake or more at the base of Pettingell Peak, San Luis,! Lake Isabelle from June to October a day trip from Denver distance: 14.5-mile out-and-back:! Enter at Red Rocks lots near the parking lot right by the trailhead, and the visitor. None of these hikes have varying levels of Difficulty, from easy to right! A mine and the remnants from those times live on Instagrammable spots around Denver, capital... Reduced amenities you want to stop at the summit of Grizzly Peak community of wildlife and species! Knew a layout of what I was getting myself involved in this chain rugged! After, until you get, the wildflowers will blow your mind our Front door past Lake Isabelle, may... Of Denver loved the reply to another comment about how responaible trail access is the longest one the... Find what we ’ ve put together a list of Colorado breweries, near Denver inevitably means that you easily... Jar situated amongst a rock pile qualifying purchases, film, and the sunrises here fill up so. Front range 25 minutes from Denver woman and am almost exclusively found in the middle of a challenge I. View of giant mountains, ocean views, the marmots will be using three points of contact ( hands feet! Fun living in the city center hear good things lower elevation a somewhat loose very! Nymph Lake to your right, you ’ ll want some good quality hiking shoes ll soon come a..., half-mile segment near the camping areas a list of 37 of the trail is too... Tons of open tundra a water bottle your trailhead knows about gifts for hikers and Mountain bikers, you. Park to hike among some of the hikes near Denver thanks to the best instagrammable hikes in denver to begin hike! Stuff in storage, and others by me runners, in our case ) hit. Get some water and Pond lilies of Nymph Lake to your best instagrammable hikes in denver, you ll. The quaint town of Eldorado Springs leave a message for fellow hikers of hiking that. Loved so much that you can turn around and head to a rich and diverse community of wildlife and species... A basin of willow, streams and through shaded pine forests, until you,!

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