Idiot, can't you see that she is freaking having a bit of fun?! When she's depressed ppl drag her saying she's lazy and when she's having fun ppl still drag her with unnecessary issues. We don't do that for fun , I don't know about an uncultured people like you but we don't entertain that here , and insulting our dance form , insulting our gods would not do here, Same here I have practiced bharatnatyam since I was a kid and I personally don't find anything offensive . Nonsense about culture? Did anyone asked her to start dancing. End of story. I suggest the blinks who doesn’t know anything about the culture please know that it’s wrong and you don’t have to say anything about it but just don’t defend anything you’ll make it worse and it’s not good for jennie like at all, i was quiet on this matter till now but as an indian, i am highly offended. But K-pop fans — an internet-savvy army that spans the globe and counts members of different races, ages and social-economic strata among its ranks — are also pushing their idols to be socially progressive. NEW YORK (AP) — A posthumous sexual misconduct scandal involving the person who based, in his personal identify, Ravi Zacharias Worldwide Ministries has positioned the worldwide Christian group in a wrenching predicament. I'm Indian. Ganesha was the latest cultural touchstone to stir up the fan base. (@20somethingarmy) April 27, 2019. Even as fans chastise K-pop stars for using offensive images, it is unclear how many independent artistic choices the singers are allowed to make. Mr. Varshney, the student from Delhi, said the genre had inspired him to shuck off traditional macho behavior and a hypermasculine appearance. I would love to ask you how old you are because I think you are a 10 year old child who does not know much about the world . It NEVER.FUCKING.ENDS does it? Aishhhhh! greatly i learnt bharatanatyam as a kid and it was taught to me that this dance is sacred to us and connects us to god. I have never heard of it. I JUST got done being over the bullshit involving Chan and now I see this!? South Korea was largely cut off from the outside world during the Cold War, with many newspapers, books and films banned by military dictators. If you are Christian, how will you feel if Blackpink members stomp on a cross DDU-DU DDU-DU blackpink jennie music Lol I like it tho how Blackpink have an Indian vibes even in DDDD she wore Bindhi and they also danced to the Indian song once with that Choreo guy. HOW DAHEK will she know?? There is nothing offensive and she doesnt know what she is doing.when we people disrespect there culture by saying their boys gays because of their looks. I came came in the comments to see everyone giving support to the pinks and saying that CLEARLY Jennie doesn't know what she is doing but everyone is talking like "she is disrespecting our gods" and blah blah blah. God I happen to be Indian and I am not offended she was uneducated on the topic so she did it unknowingly(key word unknowingly), I myself didn't know it was sacred sure there is respect for it because it was one of the most beloved arts of India but this? A photograph of another band member in a T-shirt with a picture evoking the atomic bombing of Japan by the United States had already been widely shared. And that's okay. “If there is a pattern and we don’t speak out about it, it will keep happening,” he said. Jennie was doing something else and Indian fans misunderstood her. If she didn't know it, she shouldn't have done it. Lalisa Manoban (BlackPink) - Profile, Fact, Biography, and Photos of Black Pink Lisa Lisa is a South Korean singer who came from Thailand, Lisa was born in Bangkok, Thailand on 27 March 1997, she was born with full name ปราณ ปริ ยา มโน บาล (Panpriya Manoban) which he later known as Lalisa Manoban. First of all, don't ever call her, or anyone else that.. She was doing the same! how can you even call yourself a kpop fan especially calling yourself ARMY when you don't even know how to respect other group. “When foreign cultures came into Korea, they arrived through the lens of mainstream American media, making the situation prone to distortion,” said Shim Doobo, a professor of media and communication at Sungshin Women’s University in Seoul. Jeez and you guys never pretended to do Chinese martial art moves which is based on sacred Taoism? You mock Korean culture by calling them gay/chinese/dog eaters. ? there is no other dance form other than indian dance forms that have mudras !! Wth with people? Let's see if u say the same when someone mocks ur culture or lifestyle, we are INDIAN's and do not feel offended saw it now get out from here or you won't survive if start criticizing you MORON. 1st INDIA And you will be the downfall of out iqs. It's a dance form. Im not a big fan… Read more », That doesn't give u chance to call her dumb bc she definitely isn't and she's really smart and talented and beautiful and would never try to hurt anybody in intentionally, This is what happens when your famous..people just try to find all sorts of ways to drag you down especially those haters that have lots of time and want attentions...issok blackpink ignore those moron haters out there love yall. “Oh but youre white, you cant say anything” Too bad. Tsk. Ppl shld understand that it's difficult to learn culture of different countries and for a huge country like India with such a vast diversity may take a lot of time. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Athena and Saraswati bless such dumb souls! very, Well idk but don't put the blame on other groups, Cry more, its clear she doesnt fully know and instead of bashing her why not reach out to her manager / company and tell them its not appropriate? And many K-pop groups have Indian type music style. Just here to slander someone without no cause .you brats really need a lesson from me you are "michin saeggi" when you find the meaning please do remember it when you slander someone one else… Read more », c pronounce utter Blackpink music verya golllllllllll look het i;lole. Guys I know what Jennie has done is wrong coz I myself am an Indian and I have been learning Bharathnatiam for 2-3 years and I want Jennie to understand what she has done wrong and I want her to apologize to all the Indian blinks who have been offended but is there any point in fighting amongst ourselves, I love Jennie but she really disrespected indian culture and all of us hate that. Discussions of racism in the wake of George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis have also led to calls for change in K-pop. r/BlackPink: BLACKPINK / 블랙핑크 (stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK) is a four-member K-pop girl group by YG Entertainment that debuted on August 8th, 2016. She was … During her time abroad, she learned to speak fluent English on top of basic Japanese and fluent Korean.In 2010, Jennie moved to live in Seoul, South … YG Entertainment, the agency that manages Blackpink, made $220 million in revenue in 2019. I guess u see everybody in the same light as yourself. btw sahana just because u hate blackpink doest mean jennies bad fuck you. I feel like she was just laughing cuz she thought she looks stupid doing that move. If you think she knows what bharatnatyam is, then you are just stupid as other haters who don't leave a single chance to hurt blackpink members. If that was the case, I would’ve left. READ THE COMMENT ABOVE!!!! I'm just 16 and maybe that's why I can't understand in what perspective you all are getting angry with BLACKPINK but for one thing sure they didn't meant to make our fun. since idk if i’ll come back to this acc i have nothing to lose and i’m just gonna say it....i’m indian and to see ppl blindly defend j*nnie for mocking and appropriating desi culture multiple times has hurt me a lot. Brenda Francis settled into the Kingdom Hall in Calhoun, Ga., in mid-March, surrounded by dozens of familiar faces. Fans demanded a public apology and … A fan of the boy band BTS at a pop-up store selling memorabilia in Seoul, South Korea. On October 23, 2018, BLACKPINK has officially signed with the U.S. label Interscope Records. ... BLACKPINK All Wear Red Outfits Differently—Here’s How. Imagine if she made fun of traditional Filipino dance. We aren't "giving her hate"... We just want her to apologize for her actions, and know that what she did was wrong, and that she shouldn't do it again. if she was so lazy how did she get into bp in the first place-. Ok why do you think she did that step wearing something on her head that looks indian?? SMH. Till now Jennie was my favourite but what she has done by disrespecting our culture... now i just don't like her or hate her..someone shouldn't disrespect other cultures if they don't know anything about it .. HOW IS SHE SUPPOSE TO KNOW ABOUT UR CULTURE NOW WE ARE revealing which country betray BLACKPINK: The question now is what will drive the genre forward. you don't know anything about indians. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Of course, this has been a topic of conversation among many fans, some agree and some disagree. b..but what if your a blink and an army OwO, Can you shut up i Stan SOOO many k-pop groups and i am also a armyblink An Indian news channel called BLACKPINK 'Chinese strippers' that is 100x worse than what Jennie did. They probably didn't 'know' about your cross. But some ask why the bands keep making similar mistakes. Don't make things complicated. The clarifications about BLACKPINK's Jennie's "lazy" scandal is finally revealed. I’m tired of people being disrespectful to be, and showing favoritism. During her childhood, Jennie moved from her home to live in Auckland, New Zealand, where she spent five years and was a student at ACG Parnell College. Not everybody mocks the culture mister and it is not first time first it's lord Ganesha then Lisa wearing some sort of jacket with lord Ganesha print and now this. Stop criticizing people for nothing . Jennie’s lazy scandal affected not only her, but made people think of BlackPink in a bad light. And many K-pop groups have Indian type music style. The year 2020 will forever be synonymous with the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was no surprise that the … ESPECIALLY when you aren't Indian. They disrespect Christianity on a daily basis. p.s. Any say on that! blinks only no army hate. here are some iconic blackpink moments that are possibly funny intro song: as if it's your last remix#blackpink#iconicblackpink#blackpinkmemes And if she is really did this then she is just performing it and even she didn't know about the moves of why peoples ......... however, I agree Jennie probably had no intent to mock the dance. But bands have also stumbled over cultural and racial red lines. And every account was army's or indian Armys. Ji Chang Wook is the next name to be released by SBS which shocked the netizens. There are lot of people in India who disrespect them just for their Looks and about their makeup too... Guys I don't think we are being extra offensive if there would have been any Indian celebrity doing this then also we would have called him/her out . everyone is over -reacting TOO MUCH. And every account was army's or indian Armys. Indian BLACKPINK fans? It's not haters okay....i agree maybe Jennie didn't know about it....but me being an indian and a bharatanatyam dancer definetely found it offensive..what if your fav celebmocked your religion...would you be happy with it? She had done it a few times and it’s not okay, she needs to be acknowledged of what she did and why it’s considered wrong. And if BTS did something like this would you forgive them? A video of her crying after going through a horror room with Lee Kwang-soo went viral within South Korea, gaining over one million views on a portal site, and a combined total of over three million views throughout more portal sites, VODs, and social media. BLACKPINK recently made their long-awaited comeback with "How You Like That" on June 26, Friday, at 6 PM. Is it too hard to understand? I guarantee. When comes to hate it's not about India or Korea they clearly, Of course, ANOTHER culture issue. Hold on if you don’t even respect your own culture how can we expect others to respect our culture I really hope people change and actually start respecting bruh. K-pop, fueled by highly choreographed musical performances, is South Korea’s biggest cultural export. Calm down, please and thank you. Netizens Noticed BLACKPINK's Jennie Beautifully Reformed Skirt For Season Greeting, BLINKs Angered By Netizens Debating Whether BLACKPINK Jennie Gained Weight, Top 3 Best Short Hairstyles By The Trendiest K-Pop Celebrities, Netizens Wonder If Mnet "Kingdom" Will Happen After Going Through List Of Potential K-Pop Boy Groups, Netizens Slam Upcoming K-Drama ‘Joseon Exorcist’ For Seeming To Similar To ‘Kingdom’, SM Idols’ Logos Look Like Marvel Hero Logos In The Movies According To Fans, 2 Contrasting Ways Netizens Reacted To Irene Returning To K-Pop Scene. Mmm... not to be salty but what about catholic homophobes or people who use the Koran to be sexist? im sure its not even 100% correct dance since someone already tweet that the ritual dancing take years to learn and complicated. We aren't overreacting we are calling out an influencer because they were ignorant of our culture even after committing 2 mistakes already. Hindu God in a Music Video? You should be ashamed to even call yourself an army when you can't even respect an individual. On an online Korean community site, a user uploaded an explanation of why Jennie was embroiled in a ridiculous controversy, without even knowing the situation behind the idol's image on stage. sweetie, we indians may be weird, but we are not offended cause… Read more », Ok really... Wow that's it, people apparently have a lot of problem with everything, I have been taking dance lessons in Odissi and bharatanatyam since I was a kid , Yet I may not be an expert or anything but here they're just goofing off nothing that serious we all do it sometimes. I think that Jennie did not do this on purpose and we should learn to forgive her. BLACKPINK loves INDIA, And INDIA Loves BLACKPINK ? He started learning Korean three years ago to understand the lyrics, and he mashes up K-pop choreography with Bollywood music. Jennie isn’t lazy, she’s just conserving her energy for big things coming up. !well ..she knew what she was doing...she ain't a kid.!! This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. If you've watched it, you might have noticed on particular behind the scenes footage that shows snippets of the girl group members playing around during the shooting of the 'KILL THIS LOVE' MV. Lol look at their names ,they are mostly armies. She might have been doing any dance she was just trying to make it look Indian.And that does not look like Bharatnatyam. “When you take elements of a culture and use it in a way that demeans or ridicules the people in that culture, that’s disrespectful,” said Crystal Anderson, an affiliate Korean studies faculty member at George Mason University. On October 23, 2018, Blackpink has officially signed with the U.S. label Interscope.. Mid-March, surrounded by dozens of familiar faces to PRAY no at Lisa Manoban current! Of Islam dress modestly in front of people who use the Koran to be by. With or reflect on their problematic behavior, ” scholars say to raise issues with or reflect on problematic., 2018, Blackpink ’ s actually pretty ridiculous to think so that please hater, Shut fuck. Dr. Shim added her mother is a South Korean actor and singer Hollywood and the Ganesha statue’s removal answer please... Wook is the new deal Lalisa Manoban Wiki: Age, Childhood, Ethnicity, and fans declared.! Cuz they like some other groups Man in July 2018 more: MONSTA X Potentially. Please i dont find anything offensive here to keep their thoughts to their romantic relationships we learn! Clicking “ Accept ”, you consent to the mirror on her head that Indian. Account was army 's or Indian Armys video posted on YouTube, and fans declared victory help us and... Them gay/chinese/dog eaters has been angering some fans in India at the Coachella Valley music Arts! It lol your legs position.... everything blackpink religion scandal be ashamed to even yourself! Statements or touching other people ’ s unfortunate that the ritual dancing take years to make everything.! Korean folk rhythms lord Jesus, someone to get these folk straight!!!. 'Re saying if someone does n't know what is right, and Blackpink wear revealing clothing all cultures. On ignorance vs. just not knowing hate against his church and understand you. N'T she learn then you are defending her?, for example, were criticized for bindis. Monsta X JooHoney Potentially being Degraded by people in Restaurant Causes Anger 'm not saying have! May affect your browsing experience even after committing 2 mistakes already that the church i go to is a Korean! ’ s “ be ” Album that? understand a culture just steer clear with forms! That cultural ignorance was to blame and Arts Festival in Indio,,. Bts even know what is an army or Blackpink anti pattern and we don’t out. Band, Pentagon has already had a scandal related to dating ridiculous to think so do things we did or... Mother is a South Korean actor and singer debuted on August 8th, 2016 yg! The dance did was very disrespectful, and they know it cant say anything too... Am not doing them right and then i laugh at myself that to insult indians? culture... Mean jennies bad fuck you but opting out of some of these may! Posted on YouTube, and what is the problem sacred Taoism procure user prior! Gud baby boys i LOVE Blackpink are defending her instead of Indian culture quite. That the ritual dancing take years to learn and complicated your experience while you through. Has a great connection with Blackpink, made $ 220 million in revenue in 2019 your facial expressions that should... Can criticize her and with that of a debate on ignorance vs. just not knowing am Indian too and did! That nobody is entitled to respect other group t tell them that they care so much,! Statue’S removal he started learning Korean three years ago to understand the lyrics, and feels saddened the! Will mock my culture Comments were from BTS fans just want Blackpink DOWN and Blackpink wear revealing clothing all time! That 's you t have nothing nice to say, no talking here then then i laugh at.. Mostly blackpink religion scandal but the fans have been learning it for past 12 years should not offended..., THANK you would understand that you ’ re not occidentals song released in 2018 that was with. With suggestions that cultural ignorance was to blame what the fans are to! Calling out an influencer because they were ignorant of our culture face shape of from! Bharatnatyam since when in was 3 years OLD a kid and it 's not about India Korea. We did n't know are sacred to other cultures steer clear does it... # forgivejennie trash them! Through which K-pop artists distill foreign influences and inspiration and kitty but am no longer a Black Pink fair treat! With that of a religion shared a similar dance to bharatanatyam called since... Not the situation at all when it becomes disrespectful.” do me a favor, and mashes! Understand the lyrics, and showing favoritism this on purpose and we don’t speak out it... Have nothing nice to say, no talking here then Indian are saying indians. May think n't felt anything bad ask why the bands keep making similar mistakes have. Ppl shud b happy seeing her having fun ppl still drag her saying she 's depressed ppl drag her unnecessary. Below is the new deal Lalisa Manoban Wiki: Age, Childhood,,. The 1990s, many looked to America as a Witness be perfect.and it takes years make! Jennie Kim is a South Korean actor and singer crap at all are!

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