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kishplus | Loyal customer system
Processing customer transactions and providing attractive advertising offers

Silvana recruitment system
Carrying out the processes of applicant registration and online payment, validating user information, issuing cards, printing customized answer sheets and registering points and presenting the final results.

Silvana auction and bidding system
Carrying out online registration and payment processes, validation of user information, display of documents based on customer requirements, notification services based on SMS, registration and tracking of received documents and presentation of the final winner.

Silvana management system of commercial complexes
Smart engine for calculating sales and providing invoices based on the percentage of participation from sales, charging calculation system based on predefined dynamic parameters, management of correspondence and documents, ticket system and support of market stakeholders.

Silvana access management and authentication system
Integration of software and hardware in a smart and powerful set, registration and management of people, the possibility of defining areas and sectors, issuing electronic cards based on radio frequency technology, connecting control gateways to the core of the system in a secure and encrypted manner, the Customized Linux OS in gateway devices, completely online and providing real-time logs from all gateways

Silvana conference and exhibition management system
Ability to manage all the processes of holding conferences and exhibitions along with the possibility of online hotel and flight booking and online bank payment to complete orders, the possibility of ordering customized services such as catering services, car rental, booth construction, customer management system and resource status management from such as hotel rooms and flights, providing exciting reports for proper management of customers and stakeholders

Silvana sales and management system of tourism centers
Registration and management of services, the possibility of individual and wholesale sales, the possibility of calculating the commission from the buyer and seller, the online sales portal, the customer management system and the presentation of sales and commission invoices along with attractive and efficient reports with business intelligence for more accurate management of resources.